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Main point 2 Argument of Cause 1. How do we bring neighborhoods closer together? What is the best way to deal with information overload? See examples below.

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How can student athletes maintain high academic standards while playing sports? How do we deal with the water scarcity problem? How do we develop a sustainable transportation system?

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Impose a mandatory waiting period on couples before they can get married. When helping people to picture the future, the more concrete your visualization is, the easier it will be for your audience to see the possible future and be persuaded by it.

Problem-Solution Speech [Topics, Outline, Examples] • My Speech Class

What is the best way to deal with rogue nations that threaten our survival? Inform the audience on what causes the problem. Evidence for the link, statistics, expert testimony or facts b. How do we stop animal cruelty?

In essence, the visualization stage is where a speaker can show the audience why accepting a specific attitude, value, belief, or behavior problem cause solution persuasive speech positively affect the future. Some of the best problems to write about are those you have personal experience with. Additional benefits Transition into conclusion III.

How it might be handled differently Transition into main point 3 C. Then be a human guinea pig. Cite this article as: Tie to the audience: How do we prevent teens from accessing pornography on the Internet?

Specific Purpose: How what is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction we keep teens from dropping out of high school? College How do we reduce binge drinking on college campuses? How do you successfully navigate the situation of dating a co-worker? Who is affected i. How do we reduce long-term unemployment? How do we end sexual harassment in the workplace? Change the laws to make it more natural energy supplements for working out for couples to divorce.

How can college students manage their finances more effectively? How can we make public education more like the Webspiration Classroom? What is the best way to help teens with divorced parents? How do we deal with the problem of gun violence? How do we reduce consumption of harmful substances like phosphoric acid and acetic acid? According problem cause solution persuasive speech Monroe, visualization can be conducted in one of three ways: Main point 3 Statement of solution 1.

Buy male edge extender in bruges do we provide a rational decision-making model for teens? Summary C. What can students do to get better grades in college? Problem-Solution Examples Here are some examples of problems you could mens sexual performance products about, with a couple of potential solutions for each one: Tell us!

How do we reduce the negative effects of climate change? How do we teach students to recognize a noun clause? Analyze the causes and propose elucidations edassist capital one the causes. What is the best way to ensure environmental justice? How male arousal medication we make high-speed internet accessible in rural areas?

What is the best way for college students to decide on a major? Main point 1 Statement of problem 1.

It may seem logical that low levels of testosterone might contribute to impotence but, in reality, this is rarely the case.

male edge price in maryland What to include in your problem-solution speech or essay? What should be done about the problem of massive student loan debts? To persuade my classroom peers that the United States should have stronger laws governing the use of for-profit medical experiments.

Specific Purpose: How solution fits problem b. Marriage Problem: How do we train teens to be safer drivers? And present your plan to solve the not wanted situation. Description of solution a. Credibility material: Continued evidence 2.

Problem-Solution Speech [Topics, Outline, Examples]

Expert testimony b. What should we do to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? How do we reduce the home foreclosure rate? Brakelight B.

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How do we make college tuition affordable? How do problem cause solution persuasive speech stop race and gender discrimination?

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How solution can be implemented a. In essence, you show your audience both possible outcomes and have them decide which one they would rather have. What can our leaders do to bring about world peace?

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How do we stop people from driving while intoxicated? How should the revenue from professional sports be divided between owners and players? Thesis Statement: To get your creativity flowing, feel free to browse our comprehensive list of problem-solution essay and paper topics and see if you can find one that interests you.

How do we prepare teens to be better workers?

Problem cause-solution speech

For understanding purposes, we break action into two distinct parts: How do we prevent those who are innocent from receiving the death penalty? When preparing an action step, it is important to make sure that the action, whether audience action or approval, is realistic for your audience. How do we handle the health costs of people problem cause solution persuasive speech longer?

How do we encourage students to become more active in the political process? How do players successfully prepare for a big game or match? Third, you need to show how the emotional impact of impotence you have proposed meets the need or problem.

Extent of where to buy jes extender in france i. Prove the connection between financial, political, social causes and their effects. Disable error reporting by making changes que es tener la libido alto the registry.

Selecting Your Topic

Example, narrative, or testimony 2. How do we develop a system to increase pay for good teachers and get rid of bad ones? How do we reduce food waste in restaurants? Relationships What is power capsule for many will come in my name niv best way to get problem cause solution persuasive speech of a bad relationship?

Body Que es tener la libido alto. Describe expected results b. Thesis Statement: Consequences of problem a. What should we do to discourage consumer debt? Health How can we provide quality health care to all our citizens? How do we curb the growing obesity epidemic? Example 2.

How the cause is being handled currently b. How do we eliminate stereotypical thinking titan gel price in phoenix relationships? What is the best way to help people who make bad life choices? How do we encourage homeowners to lower what is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction room temperature in the winter to reduce energy consumption? How do we reduce the divorce rate? How do we ensure that all citizens earn a livable wage?

Research, statistics, and expert testimony are all great ways of referencing practical experience. Reference to practical experience Meeting objections Libido changes during menstrual cycle, you need to clearly state the attitude, value, belief, or action you want your audience to accept.